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We have a professional cutting mat for most any cutting job. All of our durable cutting mats are suitable for both rotary cutters and straight utility knife blades.

Our Alvin self healing cutting mats are 3 mm thick and made of 3 plies. The outer plies are .75 mm thick and give the mat self healing properties. The inner core is 1.5 mm thick and prevents mat cut-through and extends blade life. These pro-quality, self healing art cutting boards have a medium tooth texture, non-glare surface, and are graduated on all four sides. Hash lines extend outside of the border and are hashed to every 1/8-inch and graduated to every with every inch marked with a heavier line. Every 5th grid has an extra-thick line; useful for sewing and quilting. Includes lines for cutting diagonals.

Need an oversize or custom size cutting mat to fit your production table? We have a great selection of tough, long-lasting, Rhino large cutting mats up to 6 ft. by 12 ft. We are happy to custom-cut your mats at no extra charge. These translucent, 180-guage (3/16" thick) polyethylene plastic cutting mats are super durable and can stand up to your rotary cutter or utility knife. Optional printed alignment grid underlays are available for all our large, oversize, and custom cutting mats.


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