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Rhino Large Self Healing Cutting Mats (With Grid)

Rhino Large Cutting Mats (WITH GRID)
Rhino Large Cutting Mats (WITH GRID)
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Rhino Large Cutting Mats (WITH GRID)Rhino Large Cutting Mats (WITH GRID)
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Product Description
Rhino large self healing gridded cutting mats are perfect to cover and protect your production cutting table. Durable, long-lasting thick, seamless. Translucent, non-glare mat looks and functions great. Perfect for printers, signmakers, framers, graphic artists, photographers, designers, sewing, quilting, model making, kitchen cutting boards, fabrics, paper, and more. FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $199. Features and benefits include:
  • Thick, durable, long-lasting 180-gauge (3/16") polyethylene plastic
  • Suitable for both rotary cutters and straight utility knives
  • Translucent; non-glare matte surface on one side, other side smooth
  • Solvent proof; no offensive odor
  • Mats won't gouge for flawless, straight cuts
  • Knife blades last longer
  • Easily attaches to your work table with double-sided tape
Grid underlay is a thin sheet of polystyrene plastic with printed blue 1" squares that is placed under the cutting mat for aligning your work. NOTE: Grid is for alignment purposes only, not for precise measuring of material to be cut