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Rotary Knives, Rotary Cutter Knife, Fabric Wheel Cutters

Rotary cutters, rotary knives, wheel cutters from OLFA and Alvin. Great for cutting tight corners, curves, circles on cloth, fabric, paper, vinyl, film, leather, and more. Designed for use in intricate and detailed cutting. Fast and easy straight cuts through multiple layers of material without lifting the stack off the cutting surface. Perfect for curved piece quilting, applique, trimming seams, template cutting, scrapbooking, card making, miniature quilting, and more.
Alvin RT18 Rotary Cutter (28mm)
Price: $10.65
Sale Price: $7.09
You Save 33%
#370 Rotary Cutter Knife 45mm (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)
Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $5.99
You Save 14%
#369 Replacement Blade for #370 Rotary Cutter (UNAVAILABLE)
Price: $3.99
Sale Price: $2.59
You Save 35%