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Rotary Cutting Mats for Sewing, Quilting, and Fabrics

Rotary cutting mat for sewing, quilting, and cutting fabrics. All of our professional sewing and quilter cutting mats are suitable for rotary knives (wheel cutters). Whether you need self healing, large, or custom fabric cutting board, your rotary cutter will perform flawlessly on all our professional mats. Great for sewing and quilting; cutting cloth, fabric, leather, vinyl, and more. FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING TO LOWER 48 STATES on all rotary cutting boards over $199.



What is a Rotary Cutting Mat?

Rotary cutting mats are used in the sewing and fabric industries to cut fabric with a rotary knife. A rotary cutting mat usually has a grid which provides a general alignment or placement guide of the work to be cut, but should not be used for accurate measuring. Some of these fabric cutting boards are reversible, like the Alvin self healing mats with a light colored side and a dark side that allows you to choose a color that contrasts with the fabric you are cutting. All of the mats we sell are suitable for rotary cutting.

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Rotary Cutting Mats