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Alvin 21" Pantograph Machine for Drawing

Alvin 21" Pantograph (25 Ratios)
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Product No. 2382
Manufacturer Code: PA306
Price: $48.75
Sale Price: $35.97
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CuttingMats.net, Art Supplies, Mount Juliet, TN
Product Description
Alvin 21" artists pantograph is designed for inclined or horizontal boards and suitable for tracing or dotting, this pantograph features bars of seasoned hardwood with clear gray lacquer finish. Die-sunk graduations with holes drilled for accuracy. Adjustable nylon ratio thumb-screws assure smooth movement. Nickeled lead holder attachment and nylon tracer point. Nickeled table anchor clamps. Create enlarged or reduced drawings up to 10x scale. Features arms made from seasoned hardwood and chromed steel hardware and components. Includes table clamp and 4 spare 2H leads (approx. 2mm dia. x 1"). Not designed for 1:1 ratio. 25 RATIOS. Accessories and instructions included with each Alvin PA306 pantograph.