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Grid Underlay for Rhino 24" x 48" Cutting Mat

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Product No. 4650
Manufacturer Code: 165
Price: $47.00
CuttingMats.net, Art Supplies, Mount Juliet, TN
Product Description
Rhino cutting mat GRID ONLY. Alignment grid has blue 1" squares on solid white plastic background. 2x4 ft. (24" x 48") grid has numbered measurements on all four sides with 1/8 and 1/4 inch, centimeters, tenths increments, measured rulers on left, top, bottom sides only. Solid white on reverse side.

Thin polystyrene plastic grid underlay lies under our translucent large cutting mats. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CUTTING MAT; NOT SUITABLE FOR DIRECT CUTTING! Often used by photographers and designers as background material. 4x8 GRID SHOWN IN PHOTO.
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