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Aluminum Ruler Straightedge Set

Aluminum Ruler Straightedges (SET 5)
Aluminum Ruler Straightedges (SET 5)
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Aluminum Ruler Straightedges (SET 5)Aluminum Ruler Straightedges (SET 5)
Product No. 2073
Manufacturer Code: 702
Price: $129.99
CuttingMats.net, Art Supplies, Mount Juliet, TN
Product Description
Aluminum ruler cutting straightedges. Matched set of 5 professional aluminum rulers provide the right size ruler/straightedge for any job. Super thick, tempered aluminum is ideal for straight, safe cutting. They look great, keep a clean edge and will last a lifetime. Includes the elusive 8-footer to to make short work of those 4 x 8 sheets of material. Full 2-inch wide cutting ruler straightedges printed in black epoxy. Graduated in inches, tenths, and sixteenths. Set includes 36, 48, 60, 72, and 96 inch lengths. Shipped in a tube. NOTE: PRICE INCLUDES OVERSIZE SHIPPING.