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Alvin Green & Black Self-Healing Reversible Cutting Mats

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Alvin Green & Black Self-Healing Reversible Cutting Mats

As the name implies, cutting mats are mats or pads that are used as an aid to cut various materials. Their main purposes are to protect the work surface and increase the life of knife blades. These mats are used both commercially and individually, creating a demand for quality cutting mats that are both durable and easy on cutting blades.

Alvin green and black self-healing reversible cutting mats are a 3-ply, composite PVC vinyl material suitable for nearly all cutting needs. These are professional-grade reversible rotary cutting mats that will provide a long-lasting surface that can be cut without showing the long-term wear and tear of marks or cutting lines.

They are green on one side and black on the other with grids on both sides, creating two cutting mats in one. These are convenient for picture framers, printers, photographers, sign makers, graphic artists, designers, quilters, sewing hobbyists, and anyone with an interest in industrial applications.

Alvin self-healing cutting mats feature a reversible non-glare surface that is approximately 3mm (3/32 inches) thick, which is almost twice as thick as the most common hobby-type mats. These mats have printed 1/2 inch and one inch square grid patterns that include guide lines that allow for forty-five and sixty-degree angles.

All edges of the mat are numbered and measured with 1/8 inch marks that extend beyond the base line for user convenience. There is also a centering ruler designed for sizes 8x12, 12x18, 18x24, 24x36, 30x42, and 36x48 and our largest Alvin mat, the mighty 4x8 footer.

The mats are made of materials designed not to dull knives, allowing continuous use of straight utility knives as well as rotary knives etc. The mat's non-stick surface is resistant to cuts, scratches, abrasions, and liquid spills. Any dirt build-up can be easily cleaned with just a little warm water and cleaning detergent. They can also be hung up for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. These are awesome, long lasting cutting mats that will satisfy anyone with the need.