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Plastic Poster Storage and Mailing Tube Uses

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Plastic Poster Storage and Mailing Tube Uses

Plastic poster storage and shipping tubes can be used the plain, old, traditional way to send something to someone in the mail or store precious documents and artwork. The receiver might be able to do the same, but these plastic document storage tubes can serve other functions. For those people who receive or keep many of these tubes, perhaps some of these creative uses might be helpful.

Perhaps the most obvious alternative, these plastic mailing tubes make excellent travel containers when traveling locally. The application essentially matches their original purpose with the exception that the tube is carried rather than mailed. For those people who deal with posters, blueprints, artwork, maps, etc., these containers provide an inexpensive option for protecting the work while transporting it. Into this option we'll include giving posters and artwork as gifts since the tubes are being used in a very similar fashion to their created use.

For the golfers out there, some of the larger, expandable plastic tubes extend long enough to be a convenient club container. This option allows golfers to take a few clubs to work inconspicuously to either make a quick trip to the driving range over lunch or, for the hardened golfer, practice behind closed doors. The best tubes for this use are ones with some sort of latch or clasp to hold them shut, but tape can get the job done as well. To make this work, slide the clubs in and drop a few golf balls in with the clubs. There is a similar variant for the league baseball player who might wish to bring their bat to work for some time at the batting cages.

For those feeling a bit destructive, they can use the tubes to create their own wine racks in a closet, basement, or cellar. A look at the wine racks on the market reveals the sizes are nearly a perfect match for many plastic shipping tubes. Those who are handy or feeling adventurous can cut them into sections about twelve inches long, screw the sections onto a shelf, and start filling them with wine bottles. Do-it-yourself fans should beware that the decorator in the family may prefer the tubes to be the same color, but this may not be a problem since the rack is likely to be in the dark anyway.

A similar application to the wine rack is taking the uncut tubes and sliding them into a barrel or large bucket to create a subdivided storage area for outdoor tools and other long items like shovels and rakes. The concept is the same as the dividers in a golf bag, except that most of the outdoor tools will fill a section by themselves. Alternatively, the barrel or bucket may be turned on its side on a shelf, but make sure to tie or screw the bucket down to prevent rolling.

Plastic shipping and poster storage tubes protect many things that get sent around the world, but a little thought reveals other possible uses as well. Perhaps one of these creative solutions might work for someone reading this article. Perhaps instead, these ideas have sparked another idea. And naturally, there is always the option of leaving the tubes intact for later shipments.