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Alvin Professional Drafting Tables and Artist's Drawing Tables

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Alvin Professional Drafting Tables and Artist's Drawing Tables

There are several factors you should consider when buying a drafting table for your home or office. Practical concerns such as portability, size, cost, function and features are just as important as the aesthetic aspects like style, construction materials and color. Portable tables have foldable legs and are lighter in weight than the sturdier 4-post construction. Portable models are usually restricted to the smaller sized table tops and are shorter in height. If you regularly work on larger pieces, or you prefer working at a drafting height, rather than desk height, a 4-post design is your best option.

Alvin professional drafting tables and artists drawing tables offer many professional-grade tables that have adjustable height ranges. This is particularly useful if your projects are varied and you work at different heights for different tasks, or if you work in an office where multiple people use the same work space at different times. Another great feature of larger table tops is the split-top option, where one side has an adjustable tilt, and a smaller section is fixed and flat for supplies, snacks, or other items you need close at hand.

If you have a limited budget, you can still get many of the features you need in a quality drafting table. Often students, for example, will sacrifice size and quality of materials to get a good, if not great, table to get them through their studies, with the intent of upgrading after they get their first job. Even in lower priced models you can still get sought-after features such as footrests, pencil ledges, tool storage trays, and lockable drawers.

Whether you are on a budget, or are looking for a high-quality drafting table for a professional office environment, you should carefully research your options and seek out sites that offer unbiased user reviews of the products you are interested in. The drafting table you buy, whether for personal or professional purposes, is an investment. Like any investment, you need to make sure it has the quality, features and value to meet your needs going forward.