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Alvin VYCO Drawing Board Cover (BORCO)

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Alvin VYCO Drawing Board Cover (BORCO)

Protection Where You Need It

Alvin VYCO board cover is designed specifically for work surfaces that get heavy use. Also known as BORCO, it provides durable and versatile protection. The 5-ply Vinyl Drawing Board Cover is easy to install and easily replaced when needed. Designed to provide the desired protection, these covers are available in either pre-cut sheets or 10 yard rolls.

VYCO can be installed for regular use or for temporary protection of fine furniture, desks or other work surfaces. These effective and affordable covers improve productivity and eliminate concerns over lasting damage to work spaces from cuts, dents or spills of liquids. Ideal for professionals such as draftsmen, engineers, contractors and engineers.

VYCO covers provide a perfectly smooth working surface that is resistant to stains. They find use on surfaces of a wide variety of tables and boards, including:
Drafting tables
Inspection tables
Sewing tables

These Alvin VYCO Drafting Table Mats have a nominal thickness of about 1mm and come in three color styles of translucent (see-through clear), gray/white (one side pearl gray, the other matte white), and green/cream (one side no-glare green and the other a rich cream). The translucent VYCO is perfect for protecting lightboxes and furniture with fine surfaces. It is also handy for use over graph paper and blueprints or to serve as protection for desktops. Features include:
Does not crack, discolor or deteriorate
Requires only the use of scissors to size the cover and adheres easily with double-sided tape
Cleans easily with a sponge or wet cloth and the use of any standard household cleaner
Impressions from pencils, drawing instruments, compass points, tacks and other items do not mar surfaces of VYCO. They are made of self-sealing materials that return to their shape almost instantaneously and allow for repeated use.

Use of these covers will help prevent scars, cuts, marring and dents in tabletops and any furniture. New boards and table tops will have extended life when covered and protected with VYCO.Use these ideal covers for effective protection of all work spaces.