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Art Display & Painting Easels

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Art Display & Painting Easels

Easel painting is connected with an age old history of painting still very much alive for painters who chose an easel over working on the wall or the floor. This relatively unchanged painting tool has even advanced a little. Today, aluminum art displays and easels are sold side by side with traditional wooden art displays and easels.

Aluminum easels are revolutionizing easel painting with expanded functionality. In addition to state of the art mechanics, aluminum easels are more durable than wooden versions. Available in various forms and made from long lasting material, aluminum easels have quickly become a favorite tool for painters. Manufacturers offer various versions of tabletop display easels including the unique table mount design as well as the familiar standard easel design. Aluminum easels also tend to come with innovative tray designs for painting supplies.

As durable and accommodating as new aluminum easel designs have become in recent years, sometimes nothing can beat wheeling out a wooden easel. The classic feel and look of a nicely crafted wooden easy is a noteworthy benefit of selecting the traditional wooden easel. A painter is instantly connected to the great lineage of easel painting. Because wooden easels have been in use for so long, wooden easels come in a larger variety of styles than aluminum easels. Variations on A and H frames alone account for a host of options plus wooden easels for kids, mini easels, travel, tabletop easels, tabletop box easels and more are readily available from a quality art supply store.

A wide array of accessories for easels is also ripe for exploration. From easel umbrellas to easel binders, a world of customization is open to professional and novice easel painters alike. Painters, get off the wall, get off the floor and get into easel painting now. History has perfected the easel for painters and easels have a long history of producing perfect paintings.