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Artograph Artist Light Boxes, LED LightPad, LightTracer

Artograph light boxes are perfect for graphic artists, photographers, designers, cartooning, animation, calligraphers, stencilers, quilters, scrapbookers, and more. Choose from the Artograph Light Tracer II light box and the super-thin, energy-efficient LED LightPads.

Take your projects to the next level with the LED LightPad art and craft light boxes. Their super-bright, cool, and evenly-illuminated surface gives you the perfect platform to get your ideas off the ground. The new LightPad series is built to last a lifetime with LED technology that saves energy and means you'll never have to replace lamps again!
Artograph LightPad LED Light Box (17x24)
Price: $389.99
Sale Price: $322.95
You Save 17%