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Mechanical Drafting Pencils by Alvin & Pentel

Mechanical drafting pencils are great for drafting, template work, accounting, general writing, technical applications, and everyday use. We offer professional, quality mechanical drawing pencils from Pentel and Alvin. Pentel automatic mechanical pencil inventions remain the hallmark of the industry. Every Pentel mechanical pencil, lead, eraser, pen and correction fluid is manufactured by their own factories. No other manufacturer can match this commitment to manufacturing excellence. At Pentel, your satisfaction is guaranteed: every product is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Quality, professional, Alvin mechanical drawing pencils include the economical Draft-Line, the best-selling Draft-Matic, and the retractable Draft-Tec mechanical drafting pencils. We offer mechanical drawing pencils with .3mm (extra-fine), .5mm (fine), .7mm (medium), and 9mm (bold) lead sizes. Designed to meet the demands of both professionals and students, Alvin mechanical drafting pencils offer a variety of lead diameters for both drafting and writing. Mechanical pencil replacement eraser refills and pencil lead refills also available.

Mechanical Drafting Pencils vs 2mm Drafting Lead Holders

Watch the interesting video below to see the difference between mechanical pencils for drawing and 2mm lead holders.