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Calculated Industries Construction Master Calculators

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Calculated Industries Construction Master Calculators

Calculated Industries Construction Master calculators are tools that are essential to professionals in the construction field. It allows professionals such as contractors, architects, engineers, and tradesmen to perform tasks such as cutting down on measuring time and increase accuracy in all calculations. There are about three different Calculated Industries Construction Master Calculators available on the market today; the 4050 Construction Master 5, the 4055 Construction Master Pro, and the 4080 Construction Pro Trig.

The 4050 Construction Master 5 gives professionals accurate answers to complex math calculations. Because it is so simple to use, it is suitable for both work in the field and office. This calculator is particularly helpful when drawing up plans or and layouts. It also features a broad range of math problem solutions which allows the calculator to reveal solutions almost automatically. Other helpful features include a paperless tape that allows the user to review the past 20 entries.

The 4055 Construction Calculator is one of the top of the line calculators available for complex and advanced construction-math. It features built-in solutions and expanded preference settings. Some tasks that this calculator helps with are calculations for plans, blueprints, and layouts. Other tasks including calculating bids and estimates. The 4055 Construction Calculator significantly cuts down on time spent on calculations, saves materials, and provides accurate and reliable solutions.

Finally, the 4080 Construction Master Pro Trig calculator is equipped with all of the basic features but also provides the complete trigonometric function. Because of this function, the calculator has new built-in solutions with an expanded preference section. Utilization of this calculator allows the user to solve complicated design problems and precisely measure angles. Even business owners will find it useful as it is perfect for calculating expenses and the potential cost of materials.

All three of the calculators discussed come with a pocket reference guide, a "how-to guide" on a CD in both English and Spanish, batteries that last a lifetime, and a full one year limited warranty. The cost of these calculators range from $60-$100 and are relatively inexpensive for their high quality. Save time and money, get one of these fantastic calculators!