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Calligraphy Supplies Online by Cutting-Mats.net (DISCONTINUED-SUPPLIER OUT OF BUSINESS)

Calligraphy supplies including paper, kits, sets, pens, ink. The art of calligraphy as we know it today actually finds its origins in cave paintings. Back in the days when communication was a series of grunts, the written word was a mere pictorial representation of significant events in a caveman's life. As humans developed, the art of drawing pictures became quite highly developed and reached great heights under the direction of the Egyptians.

For true calligraphers, the art of penmanship will always be alive as long as there is at least one artist willing to carry on the tradition. Despite super-fast computers and creative software that can produce a myriad of different fonts, real calligraphy comes from deep within the artist who strives to evoke the true emotion of the script through the words they draw. Calligraphy has survived throughout history despite printing presses and copperplate engravings, and dedicated followers of the art expect it to outlast the next big invention of the 21st century. Check out our variety of beginners calligraphy sets, calligraphy art supplies, kits, pens.