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Copic Art Markers: Sketch, Original, Ciao

We offer the complete line of high-quality, unique Copic colored art markers and pens. Copic Artists Markers are the original line of high-quality illustrating tools, used for decades by professionals around the world. They are preferred for architectural design, product rendering, and other forms of industrial design. Copic markers and pens are also popular among the hobby industry for use with models, ceramics and similar projects. Copic markers are the highest-quality, longest-lasting, most versatile markers available anywhere. With over 330 colors, replaceable nibs and ink refills, you will never need to go any further than right here for all your marker needs. Why choose Copic markers? No other marker has as many unique features, accessories or color range. Here is what sets them apart:
  • Refillable ink and replaceable nibs-never throw your markers or pens away.
  • Over 330 colors
  • Guaranteed to not dry out for three years
  • Non-toxic, alchohol-based ink dries acid-free
  • Guaranteed color consistancy