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Clearprint 1000HTS Vellum Drafting Paper w/Title Blocks & Borders

Clearprint vellum drafting paper sheets with title blocks and borders. Clear Print drafting vellum is a 16# medium weight, acid-free drawing vellum. 100% new cotton fiber vellum paper is excellent product for manual drafting. Transparentized without solvents to produce the proper translucency, as well as the legendary Clearprint archival quality, strength, eraseability (no ghosting), and re-draw characteristics. High tensile strength helps prevent tears. Drawing vellum is used by engineers, architects, draftsmen, graphic artists, to make drawings and sketches to scale in either fractional or decimal dimensions, drawing diagrams, plotting mathematical functions, experimental data, etc. Smooth translucent surface suitable for pencil or ink. Available in packs of 10 or 100 sheets. Unprinted with architect and engineer title blocks and borders. 1000HTS has horizontal title block in lower right corner; 1000HTS-A has vertical title block on right side of paper. Clearprint title block/border vellum papers are made in the USA.