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Concrete Tape for Mounting Signs, Double-Stick

Concrete tape is a flexible transfer adhesive with a non-hardening, butyl rubber-based adhesive. This permanent, double-stick tape is used to adhere 3 to 5 pound signs, letters, plaques to concrete walls, cement, brick, cinder block and other mild or semi-porous surfaces (NOT FOR STUCCO). Bonds plastic, metals, fabrics, and polyethylene materials to porous substrates.

Eliminates the need to drill and tap screws into your concrete. The adhesive flows into the peaks and valleys of the surface to create a permanent bond with flush appearance. Very aggressive, permanently flexible adhesive for indoor or outdoor use. Must be installed on clean surface; will not adhere to dusty or dirty areas. Approx. 63mil thick. 66-yard rolls in the three widths shown below.