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Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro Calculator, Desktop

Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro Calculator DESKTOP
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Product No. 3771
Manufacturer Code: CA231
Price: $89.95
CuttingMats.net, Art Supplies, Mount Juliet, TN
Product Description
Construction Master Pro desktop calculator is the most complete construction-math calculator on the market. Includes full trigonometric function. Has extra-large display, large buttons, and tilt head for office use. Works in and converts between all building dimensional formats. Solves right angles including rafters, rake-walls, slopes, and squareups, stair layout calculations, complete circle solutions, full trigonometric functions, DMS conversions, areas and volumes. Calculates footing volume, blocks, roof area, board feet, material cost/estimation problems, and more. Perfect for completing layouts, bids and estimates; saves time, money, materials, and frustration. No office or contractor should be without one. Includes CD-ROM with English and Spanish how-to CD and user guides, long-life battery, and full one-year limited warranty.