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Calculated Industries Construction Master Calculators (DISCONTINUED)

Calculated Industries has the electronic construction calculators for construction pros to speed up measuring times, increase accuracy, and help get the job done right. For contractors, builders, architects, engineers, and tradesmen.

#4065 Construction Master Pro sets the industry standard for advanced construction-math calculators. It provides powerful built-in solutions and expanded preference settings. Easy to use in the field or office and perfect for completing plans, layouts, bids and estimates, saves time, money, materials and frustration.

#44080 Construction Master Pro Desktop calculator is the most complete construction-math calculator on the market. Includes full trigonometric function. Works in and converts between all building dimensional formats. Solves right angles including rafters, rake-walls, slopes, and squareups, stair layout calculations, complete circle solutions, full trigonometric functions, DMS conversions, areas and volumes. Calculates footing volume, blocks, roof area, board feet, material cost/estimation problems, and more. Perfect for completing layouts, bids and estimates; saves time, money, materials, and frustration.

#4080 Construction Master Pro Trig calculator provides the building professional complete trigonometric function. This powerful and advanced construction-math calculator features new built-in solutions and expanded preference selection. It allows you to easily determine precise angle measurements and solve the most complex design and construction-math problems. Perfect for estimating materials and costs. In the field or office it helps assure accuracy, save time and money.

All three construction calculators include easy-to-follow pocket reference guide and how-to CD in English and Spanish, long-life batteries and a full 1-year limited warranty.