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Custom Rhino Large Self Healing Cutting Mats (Plain, No Grids)

Custom Rhino Cutting Mats (NO GRIDS)
Custom Rhino Cutting Mats (NO GRIDS)
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Custom Rhino Cutting Mats (NO GRIDS)Custom Rhino Cutting Mats (NO GRIDS)
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1. Select Larger Mat Size:
Choose the larger stock-size mat from the selections below that is a little larger than the dimensions you want for your custom cutting mat.
2. Specify Custom Mat Size:
Enter the exact specifications you want for your custom cut mat. We will cut your custom mat from the larger size you chose above.
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Product Description
NOTE: PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PROCESSING AND SHIPPING CUSTOM ORDERS. These are custom cutting mats PLAIN, WITHOUT GRIDS). Same features and benefits as our Rhino Large Cutting Mats, these extra-large, custom size cutting mats are available up to 6 feet by 12 feet in size. We custom cut these durable rotary cutting mats to your specification at no extra cost.

Long-lasting self healing cutting mats protect your table tops and the sharpness of your rotary cutter or utility knife blades. Constructed of 3/16" thick, durable 180-gauge polyethylene plastic. Featuring a translucent, non-glare surface. One side has a matte finish; the other side is smooth. Perfect for printers, sign-makers, framers, photographers, designers, hobbies, crafts, sewing, quilting, model making, chef cutting boards, and more. MADE IN THE USA.

  1. 1. "Select Larger Mat Size" from the menu at the upper right. This is the larger stock-size mat from which your custom mat will be cut. Example: For a 30" x 60" mat, you would need to order a 4x6 ft. (48"x72") mat.

  2. 2. Enter your custom dimensions and any other instructions in the "Specify Custom Mat Size" box. BE SURE TO SPECIFY YOUR SIZE IN FEET OR INCHES!

  3. 3. If ordering multiple custom mats include the information needed for each mat. Please be sure that you enter the correct information. We will cut your mat to the exact size your enter.

    • Tolerance for custom cuts is generally within about 1/4"
    • There are no extra charges for custom-cutting your mats.
    • We will ship any remnants (cutoffs) if requested at the time of the order.
    • Please remove your mat(s) from the box immediately upon delivery.