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Cutting Mat Buying Guide

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Cutting Mat Buying Guide

There are several things to consider when buying a cutting mat, that is why this cutting mat buying guide exists. Some of the people who might need to buy a cutting mat are: drafters, architects, sewers and seamstresses, quilters, artists and engineers. Of course, anyone can purchase a cutting mat and find it very useful.

In this cutting mat buying guide will be useful tips for purchasing a cutting mat that can serve all of its needed purposes. First, it is smart to consider the different areas that need to be taken note of. These are: cutting mat type, size, thickness, texture and cleaning.

First of all there are a lot of different types of cutting mats. There are hard surface mats that self seal, and these are very rugged and rigid. On the other hand, self healing mats are thinner and a lot more flexible than their counterparts. It is wise to choose one that fits the particular needs of the user.

Next, consider the size. If the activity being preformed on the cutting mat is going to be "big," meaning a large quilt or huge blueprints, the of course, a large cutting mat is needed. On the other hand, smaller work would be fine with a smaller mat. It does not serve any purpose to buy a huge cutting mat for small work.

Thickness is also important, because there are different types of thickness for cutting mats. Some of them have a 2 mm thickness and may be very smooth, while others are thicker, but they are rougher and more gritty on the surface. Professional grade mats tend to be thicker. Also consider the texture. A rough texture will help to hold items onto the surface, but it is difficult to get the items completely flat at the same time with a rough texture. On the other hand, a very smooth surface can give way for items to easily slide off the mat.

Lastly, it is wise to consider how hard it will be to clean a given cutting mat. To keep a mat for longer, it is a good idea to clean it periodically, but some mats are easier to clean than others. Always check the directions to make sure of the appropriate cleaning materials for any cutting mat.