Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I need a mat custom-cut to fit my table. How do I order a Custom Cutting Mat?
Go to the Custom Cutting Mats menu: Note that the Rhino and Magic Mats can be custom-cut. The Alvin mats cannot be custom-cut. On the product page for each custom mat, you will see instructions for adding your custom specs to the order. Custom orders are not returnable or refundable, so take your measurements very carefully.
Do you accept Purchase Orders? How do I submit a Purchase Order?
Yes, we accept Purchase Orders by FAX, e-mail or snail-mail. Please visit our Web site at the link below for complete details on how to properly submit a PO:
What are your shipping rates?
All shipping information can be found by clicking the SHIPPING INFO tab at the top of each Web page.
I ordered the wrong item, what is your exchange/return policy?
We do not do exchanges. Our Return Policy can be found here:
Do you ship internationally?
No, sorry we only ship to 50 US states and Canada.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Under normal circumstances, most orders ship within 3 to 5 business days. To better serve you, we ship from 4 different warehouses. Depending on your shipping location, figure another 2 to 5 business days delivery. Custom orders, safety rulers, Iron Man tables, and orders shipping Canada take a few days longer.
What is the difference between the Alvin and Rhino cutting mats?
Information about the different types of mats can be found here:
How do I attach my cutting mat to the work surface?
We recommend double stick tape. Do not use any type of glue, adhesive, or screws. Our Super Hem Tape works best with Rhino mats; Alvin double stick tape works best with Alvin mats.
Why do you have a minimum order?
Our $20 minimum online order helps cover shipping, handling, and the cost of the order. We need this amount to break even on small orders.
Which cutting mat is better?
That depends on the size you need, type of grid, and the job you are doing. All of our cutting mats are designed for both rotary cutters and straight blade knives. It also depends if you want a green, black, or translucent mat. The quality of our Alvin Pro, Magic Mats, and Rhino mats are professional quality. The Alvin blue/gray mats are for hobby and crafts only.
Do you offer wholesale discounts to resellers?
We are not wholesalers, however our discount prices are available to everyone. We offer larger quantity discounts on all our products. For a quote, please e-mail us:
What are the differences in the Pro Steel, Rhino Red, and Ultimate Yellow cutting rulers?
Complete details are found on the respective product pages, but briefly: the Pro Steel and Ultimate Yellow have stainless steel cutting edges. The Rhino Red has a hardened steel edge. The width of the rulers are also different: Pro Steel is 3" wide, Rhino Red is 3.6" wide, Ultimate Yellow is 3.75" wide. The rulers on all three are also a bit different. The Pro Steel has the most detailed ruler.
How long does a cutting mat last?
That depends on several things. First of all a cutting mat does not last forever; it will eventually need to be replaced. Variables include: type of material being cut, type of knife used, sharpness of cutting blade, cutting pressure by user, how often mat is rotated during repetitive cuts. Rule #1: ALWAYS change your blade often. It makes no sense to pay $100-300 for a cutting mat and not change a $3 blade. Don't cut in the same place all of the time; keep the mat rotated. Also be sure to keep your cutting mat stored flat, clean, and away from heat.
How do I know you received my order? How will I know my order has shipped?
For all online orders, we e-mail your order confirmation when the order is placed. We also e-mail tracking information and your invoice. Please be sure you enter your correct e-mail address so you don't miss our communications!
Do you offer samples of your cutting mats?
We offer samples only of our Rhino cutting mats. You can purchase a small 8x10 piece allowing you to thoroughly examine, touch, see, and cut on before investing in a larger size. To purchase a Rhino sample, click here: For those requesting samples of our other mats, we recommend you simply purchase the smallest size of the type mat in which you are interested.
My green cutting mat has a strong odor. What is this and how can I get rid of it?
This is called "off-gassing" and is caused by chemicals from plastics used in the construction of the mat to make it self-healing. It is comparable to the "new car smell" which normally will go away in a few days. If not, wipe both sides of the mat using a solution of baking soda and 50/50 water and white vinegar. Rinse, then dry with a towel. You can also use a mild household clean such as Dawn or Formula 409. Place the mat in a well-ventilated, open space.