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Cutting Mats Make Cutting Safe and Easier

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Cutting Mats Make Cutting Safe and Easier

For a hobby or business that is constantly cutting paper and other materials with a straight utility knife or rotary cutter, cutting mats will make the job easier and more exact. The versatile mats come in a range of thicknesses as well as contain features such as self healing and custom sizes. Placed under the object to cut, these mats have grid lines to help keep the material or paper squared-up. Moreover, they offer protection to the surface, such as a table or drawing board, upon which one is working.

Quilters will enjoy having a cutting mat that contains hash lines outside the border as well as an extra-thick lines on every 5th grid. Diagonal lines can also be found on mats.

Self-healing mats are available in a thickness of 3 mm, made of 3 plies. Outer plies of a thickness of .75 mm allow for the mat to self-heal when cut with a knife. Professional quality mats are available, for those who need a non-glare medium tooth texture. These self healing mats can be found in green and black as well as translucent. The green and black mats can be turned over and used on both sides. Available in standard sizes, such as 8x12, 12x18, up to 36x48, they have hanging holes for storage when not in use. Easily cleaned, these mats have been used by :
* framers
* photographers
* graphic designers
* signmakers
* scrapbook makers
* printers
* quilters
* and others

Custom Mats
Other mats for large production areas can be found in sizes as large as 6 ft. by 9 ft. and are made of a 180-guage translucent polyethylene plastic for durability. Custom mats can be ordered with printed alignment grids as well.

Cutting mats simplify and make cutting more efficient, safer and cleaner as well as offer protection to furniture and tabletops. Easily cleaned, these lined and numbered mats are a boon to quilters/sewers, scrap bookers, framers, sign makers, artists and designers, printers and have many more industrial applications.