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Dahle Paper Cutters and Rolling Paper Trimmers

Dahle rotary paper cutters and guillotine style trimmers are designed for value, safety and accuracy. Paper and other sheet-goods handling is part of the daily routine in most any workplace. DAHLE (pronounced DAH-LAY) offers both light and heavy-duty paper cutters with a wide variety of cutting lengths and features to meet any requirements. Ground circular blades are enclosed in plastic housings are self-sharpening and cuts in either direction. With Dahle products you can rest assured you'll get more then you pay for. Saving time, saving money, and an assurance of accuracy are just of few of the benefits you can expect from Dahle.

Dahle PERSONAL rotary trimmers are lightweight, portable, and cut up to 7 sheets at one time. PROFESSIONAL paper cutters are commercial-grade cutting up to 20 sheets. PREMIUM paper trimmers, designed for heavy industrial use, are high-capacity rotary trimmers that cut up to 30 sheets of paper at once.

Dahle Vantage guillotine paper cutters feature a spring-action locking metal blade, automatic paper clamp with finger guard, sturdy metal base that won't warp or crack, and adjustable backstop for repeat cuts. Cleanly cuts up to 10 sheets of bond paper at a time. Dahle guillotine paper trimmers are great for home, office, studio, school.
Dahle 696 Mounting Stand for #556 Paper Cutter
Price: $559.99
Sale Price: $329.00
You Save 41%
Dahle Vantage 12" Guillotine Paper Cutter
Price: $141.99
Sale Price: $116.39
You Save 18%
Dahle Vantage 15" Guillotine Paper Cutter
Price: $170.99
Sale Price: $149.00
You Save 13%
Dahle #18E Vantage 18" Guillotine Paper Cutter
Price: $204.50
Sale Price: $179.00
You Save 12%