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Distance Measuring Surveyor's Wheels by Rolatape and Calculated Industries

Distance measuring wheels by Rolatape and Calculated Industries. The measuring wheel, also called a surveyor's wheel, is a single (or double) wheel attached to a long handle. The measuring wheel acts similar to a car's odometer; as a surveyor pushes the wheel across a surface, a counter attached to the wheel measures distance traveled by keeping track of each revolution of the wheel. Wheels measure the distance along a surface, not between two points. This distance measuring tool is generally used to take quick, rough measurements of large areas. Rolatape specializes in the manufacturing of quality distance measuring wheels.

Founded in 1950 by Donald Woolard, Rolatape introduced to the world the first modern measuring wheels. Professionals in many fields count on the Rolatape Professional Series to provide reliable measuring under the toughest conditions. Featuring all steel construction, a 5-digit ratchet counter, calibrated wide rubber tire and safety-glo powder coating, the durable Professional 400 and 415 have set the standard for quality, accuracy and dependability. The Rolatape RT Series feature lightweight materials and an aluminum spoked wheel making them the perfect choice for landscaping, home remodeling, general construction, law enforcement, road construction, real estate appraisals, and more. Rolatapes are proudly made in the USA.

Calculated Industries DigiRoller Plus II measurement wheels are the perfect tool for contractors, estimators, engineers, landscapers, paving contractors, fencing specialists, real estate pros, utility personnel, surveyors, police, facility engineers, telecommunications contractors, and more. Why bend over to read measurements at the wheel? DigiRoller Plus measurement wheels put the digital display on the handle for easy viewing.
Rolatape Pro 300 Distance Measuring Wheel
Price: $166.25
Sale Price: $99.00
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