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Vellum Drafting Paper, Drawing & Tracing Papers, Mylar Film

Drafting paper is used by drafters and designers with graphite pencils, technical pens, and ink. We offer a wide variety of graph paper, drafting vellum, and Mylar film, as well as tracing paper pads and rolls by trusted brands such as Clearprint, Alvin, Graphix.

Plotter paper by Alvin and Clearprint is great for pen/inkjet use. Extremely durable, yet economical. Use when Diazo production is not intended. Recommended pen type is felt-tip or ballpoint. Clearprint plotter paper available in sheets or rolls. Features outstanding color depth and intensity. Economical for quick check plots.

Drafting Paper 101

Are you confused about the different types of drawing and drafting paper and how to choose the proper type? What is the difference between drafting vellum, tracing paper, film, with grids or without? What is meant by transparency, weight, and archival? Cutting-Mats.net has you covered on all types of drafting and drawing papers. Watch the short video below to learn more.