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Drafting Table Mats are Essential for Durability

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Drafting Table Mats are Essential for Durability

For smooth, stain-resistant working surfaces, Alvin VYCO vinyl drawing board cover and drafting table mats work to protect anything from drawing boards and tables to desks and reference tables. Also known as BORCO, this drafting board cover is a durable yet versatile choice for those who need to perform cutting work on inspection, sorting, craft and sewing tables. It's also ideal for countertops, filing cabinets, and shelving.

With easy installation as a hallmark of its application, this vinyl board cover features 5-ply layers to provide a high-level of protection for surfaces that get heavy, continual use. It comes in either 10-yard rolls or pre-cut sheets with a thickness of about 1mm. Tacks, pencil lines and impressions, and compass points are no match for the board cover and mat, thanks to the VYCO-protected surfaces. The self-sealing surface bounces back with precision each and every time.

Consumers will appreciate the translucent properties of the surface, perfect for light boxes and for protection of furniture, such as desks, featuring a beautiful wood or glass finish. Used as graph paper, this product can guard against any imperfection that could scratch expensive furniture, such as nicks, cuts, dents and scars. Adding to the life span of new boards and table-top desks, the VYCO will never discolor, fade, crack or break down. For cleaning, users can simply wipe or blot with a damp cloth dipped in mild soap or a gentle cleaning agent.

Featuring simple installation, this drafting board cover is perfect for users of any ability, who can use scissors to cut it to size and attach with double-stick tape. It is a sold in 3 different color combinations. The Green/Cream has one glare-resistant side and one side in a creamy color; the Gray/White has one pearl gray side and a matte white side; and the Translucent model is clear all the way through.

With ease of installation and use, as well as versatility and durability as main selling points of these table mats and drawing board covers, the Alvin VYCO products represent a solid choice for drafters, engineers, architects, artists, crafters and more.