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Drafting Templates and Drawing Stencils

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Drafting Templates and Drawing Stencils

Drafting templates and drawing stencils are not just for architects, engineers, draftsmen, other technical professionals and tradesmen. They are also for interior designers, landscape artists, hobbyists and anyone who wants to draw clean, professional-looking shapes. Made of flexible plastic, they are durable.

These products are sold in sheets that essentially have specific project themes. For example, one type of architectural template for home design features furniture, including beds, chairs, tables, bookcases, appliances and other items. Another type features lavatories, kitchen fixtures, door swings and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) symbols.

One type of landscape design template features shapes for designing a garden: trees, fencing, block wall, hedge, bricks, walkways and shrubs. A drafting template for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) features cross sections for making heating/air conditioning layouts and sheet metal conduits.

One type of electric/electronic template lets users put paper connectors, switches, contactors and relays on paper. A template for architects and builders features a tile layout gauge, kitchen and lavatory fixtures, roof pitch index, electrical symbols and more. Also available are directional arrow templates, bolts and nuts templates and machine screw symbol templates.

For people who sew, make quilts, do scrapbooking, make cards and do related projects, stencils and templates are essential. For instance, some templates are for making triangles, diamonds, stars, hearts, pentagons and hexagons, which quilters and people who sew find especially useful. Another template features only stars of different sizes. Some are just for lettering or geometric shapes. There is a template just for making curves.

The human body shape is on template too. Some are of the female form and others the male form. While some are static, others permit the user to change the relative position of the head, arms and legs.

Since drafting templates and drawing stencils come in many varieties, they can meet the needs of almost any project.