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Foam Board Cutters, Knives, Blades for Foam Core

Foam board cutters and knives. Foamboard, or foam core, is a strong, lightweight, rigid material perfect for presentations, signs, architectural models, mounting, and more. It's smooth surface accepts screen printing, glue, paint or markers, and cuts cleanly. Rabbet cutters are uniquely designed to cut 3/16" foam board to create perfect 90-degree rabbet edges and joints. An essential tool for model builders. OLFA, Logan, and Alvin foam board knives. Foamwerks circle cutter provides easy circles to be cut in Foam Core. Replacement blades available for all foam board knives.
OLFA CL Ratchet Lock Snap Blade Knife
Price: $16.05
Sale Price: $13.30
You Save 17%
Foam Board Rabbet Cutter
Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $13.08
You Save 18%