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Elmer's Foamboard, Foam Core Art Boards

Elmer's foam board and foam core board available in white, black, colored. Designed specifically for graphic arts and framing use, our quality Elmer's foam board (also known as Foam Core) features a resilient polystyrene core that ensures a clean precise cut. Whether using a mat cutter or utility knife, you get a uniform edge every time. Lightweight but rigid, this foamboard resists warping, denting, crushing, and won't ripple.

Foam board's smooth clay surface is ideal for mounting, framing, silk screening, and more. You can dry-mount, vacuum-mount (recommended range: 180 to 220 degrees F), use spray adhesives, or laminate it. Foamboard bonds easily with fabrics, paper, and many other materials. Bienfang foamboard is available in a variety of sizes in both 3/16" and 1/2" thickness. Foam core available in colors, black, white, and Quick Stik.