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Fredrix Texturing Gel, 1 Quart (32 ounces)

Fredrix Texturing Gel (32 oz.)
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Manufacturer Code: T4450
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Product Description
Fredrix Acrylic Texturing Gel is made from the finest materials available. A heavy-bodied texturing gel which, when mixed with acrylic colors, produces a high viscosity paint with heavy impasto and brilliant depth. Dries glossy and provides increased transparency and brilliance. Heavy texture and crisp brush and knife strokes can easily be accomplished. The more gel medium added, the more transparent the color will become. Acrylic colors mixed with texturing gel stay workable for a longer period. When used alone, the gel dries glossy clear. Mixed with an acrylic matte medium to reduce gloss. Can be used as adhesive for collages and will hold sand, wood, paperboard, etc. to any clean, non-oily, dry prepared surface such as canvas, wood, hard board, etc. QUART tub. Fredrix Texturing Gel is made in the USA.
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