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Elmer's CraftBond Mini High-Temp Hot Glue Gun, 10 watt

Elmer's CraftBond Mini High Temp Hot Glue Gun
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Product No. 4235
Manufacturer Code: E6048
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Product Description
Elmer's CraftBond hot glue guns have advanced formula technology eliminating the nuisance of messy glue strings. Creates a precise, clear bead with all the bond strength needed to easily adhere a variety of materials. Glue sticks are formulated as all-temp to work in any temperature gun currently available. Added safety features for maximum use include an insulated nozzle for safeguard against burns, a safety fuse that shuts the gun off automatically if overheated, and built-in lifts on both sides of the gun allowing the tool to rest safely on its side without glue backup. All guns are designed with a trigger-fed mechanism to provide continual glue flow. Use high temp gun setting to bond materials such as wood, plastic, and metals. This Elmer's hot glue gun is a high temp gun only. 10 watts.