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Glue Sticks by Stanley, 3M Scotch, Elmer's, UHU

Glue sticks are great for photos, fabric, and paper. Dries clear and wrinkle-free. Stanley DualMelt glue sticks offer a fast, clean, and reliable bond on a variety of materials. Can be used for both high and low temperature projects. In high temperature glue guns, use for household repairs, carton sealing, hobby projects, and much more. Glues wood, plastic, glass, metal, and ceramics. In low temperature glue guns, use for bonding heat sensitive materials such as ribbon, Styrofoam, dried flowers, fabric, paper, and beadwork! No shelf-life limit like tube or bottle glues. Bonds in about 25-30 seconds.

Stanley and Elmer's electric hot glue gun sticks are clear, all-purpose adhesive capable of bonding many plastics, wood products, fabric, leather, foam, PVC, polycarbonate, paper, ribbon and aluminum as well as some polyolefins in about 35-40 seconds. Fits most hot glue guns. Typical uses of this adhesive include arts and crafts projects, school and scout projects, paper crafting, foam, kits and more. Safe for school and camp projects, decorations, craft activities.
Elmer's CraftBond All-Temp 4" Hot Glue Sticks (Pack 24)
Price: $8.35
Sale Price: $6.99
You Save 16%
Stanley DualMelt Glue Sticks 4" (Pack 24)
Price: $9.75
Sale Price: $8.99
You Save 8%
Stanley DualMelt Glue Sticks 10" (Pack 12)
Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $10.99
You Save 8%
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen
Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.18
You Save 27%