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Gorilla Glue, Interior Exterior Adhesive

Gorilla Glue is the versatile, interior exterior adhesive ideal for most household fixes and building projects including furniture repair, crafts, woodworking, and general repairs around the house. Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, and more! Great for bonding dissimilar surfaces. Incredibly strong and 100% waterproof: does not break down when exposed to outdoor elements. Gorilla adhesive easily passes ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2000 Types 1 and 2.

Gorilla Glue bonds materials other adhesives simply can't: metal, stone, wood, ceramics, foam, glass and much more! And it's still the best glue for anyone who wants the job done right. Versatile glue ideal for most household fixes, building repairs, and creative projects. Temperature resistant: once it's dry Gorilla Glue is unaffected by extreme heat or cold. Sandable, paintable, stainable: the invisible glue line makes finishing easy. Gorilla Glue waterproof glues and adhesives are made in the USA.