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Guillotine Paper Trimmers

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Guillotine Paper Trimmers

There is no substitute for a well-built, sturdy paper cutter. Guillotine paper trimmers are the most popular because of their ease of use. These paper cutters are manually operated, sit on top of a level work surface, and are made of dense material to allow for efficient operation without slippage or shifting.

What To Look For Before Buying
Guillotine-style cutters and trimmers should have a very dense surface block made from hardwood, plastic, or composite material. The blade should be self-sharpening, the surface block should include increment lines that make for easy paper line-up, and the product should have a safety guard rail that includes a hand-operated locking system.

The stainless steel blade should be attached to a heavier cast iron handle. The weight of the handle is of primary importance. A lighter, thinner blade and handle will not cut through a thicker layer of paper. Most of the popular models available have a repeat cut guide bar included. This makes it easy to realign the paper for multiple cuts. Some models have a laser beam included that shows exactly where the blade will cut through the paper. This makes it easy to line up the cut without having to measure using the grid marks.

Some Popular Models
INGENTO is one of the most recognized names in the paper cutter world. The company produces classically designed hardwood cutters and trimmers. All Ingento cutters feature a well-designed safety bar, blade sharpening surface, and adjustable tension spring.

DAHLE manufactures top-of-the-line cutters that come with very sturdy, non-skid rubber foot pads, a locking metal blade, and metal base. They are available in several different sizes.

X-ACTO produces a line of paper cutters and trimmers have ergonomic design handles, finely etched grid lines, and a lightweight base. The popular models made by this company have a laser beam device that shows the exact position of the blade above the paper.

These and other popular models are sold online through various merchants. The replacement parts are usually available from the manufacturer rather than through the retailer. Consumers are encouraged to check out the warranty on this type of product before purchasing. Most of the guillotine paper cutters and trimmers sold in the United States come with a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty that protects against defects.