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Wooden Artists Easels for Display and Painting

Wooden artists easels are great for displaying and supporting finished paintings, artwork, and often signs. Painting easels are used by artists while painting on canvas or other media. We offer wooden artist's easels by Heritage Arts, Reeves, and Cappelletto including field, French, A-frame, and box easels. High-quality, functional, attractive display easels are perfect for painting, drawing, displaying artwork, and more. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including table top, tripod, French, box, more. Ideal for studio or gallery. CHECK OUR CLOSEOUT AND SALE PRICES ON HERITAGE ARTS WOODEN ARTISTS EASELS!
Royal & Langnickel Mixed Media Easel Artist Set
Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $98.00
You Save 35%
Cappelletto H-Frame Tabletop Wooden Artists Easel
Price: $83.00
Sale Price: $68.00
You Save 18%
Reeves Wooden Mini Art Display Easels (DISCONTINUED)
Price: $265.99
Sale Price: $204.00
You Save 23%
Reeves Mini Canvas & Art Display Easel (DISCONTINUED)
Price: $5.19
Sale Price: $4.39
You Save 15%
Ever Steady Painter's Handrest
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $30.00
You Save 25%
Prestige Backpack Easel Carrying Bag
Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $12.10
You Save 82%