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OLFA 9mm Snap-Off Blades for Graphic Arts Knives

OLFA 9mm Snap-Off Graphic Arts Blades (Pack 10)
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Product No. 2228
Manufacturer Code: OR-A1160B
Price: $10.35
Sale Price: $8.57
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CuttingMats.net, Art Supplies, Mount Juliet, TN
Product Description
OLFA 9mm snap knife blades. The best choice of replacement blades for your OLFA SAC-1, SVR-1, and 180 knives. These snap blades, made from the finest tool steel, will easily cut cardboard, plastics, foam board, Gator Board and more. 30-degree angle that makes a difference. Made from high quality carbon tool steel, produced using OLFA's precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long-lasting durable snap-off blade; a new sharp edge with each snap. Fits most OLFA standard-duty knives. 7 cutting edges per blade strip. Double-honed to 11 degrees. PACK OF 10.