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Artists Light Boxes and LED Light Tables

Artists light boxes and light tables have really gained popularity in the the last few years. They are a versatile tool used widely in the craft, art, photography, surveying, engineering, wood craft, and tole painting markets to name a few. Their affordability, versatility, rugged construction, brightness, and full even illumination make them a "must have" in some fields. The new eco-friendly, power-saving, bright LED light boxes have long-lasting bulbs and produce less heat. Other popular uses for light boxes include: embossing, stenciling, memory books, calligraphy, needle work, pattern tracing, general tracing, rubber stamping, stained glass, quilting, fabric inspection, slide, negative, and transparency viewing

We offer portable LED light boxes and artists tracing light. Great selection of discount light boxes and light tables by trusted brands such as Porta-Trace and Artograph. Perfect for graphic artists, photographers, designers, calligraphers, stencilers, architects, quilters, scrapbooking, crafts. These work great with our Alvin translucent self-healing cutting mats.