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Lufkin Red End Folding Ruler, #1066D Engineers Wooden Rule

Lufkin Red End Engineer's Folding Ruler
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Product No. 3430
Manufacturer Code: 1066D
Price: $37.99
Sale Price: $21.00
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CuttingMats.net, Art Supplies, Mount Juliet, TN
Product Description
Lufkin's "Red End" engineers folding ruler is ideal for carpenters and other professional craftsmen. Constructed of boxwood, 25% thicker than competitive wooden rules, with black markings embedded in a white background protected by a clear abrasive-resistant coating. Strong lock joints eliminate end-play and retain accuracy. Brass-plated end caps and strike plates. Double graduations on both edges and sides. Graduated in feet to 1/10 and 1/100 of a foot with regular outside markings in feet and inches to 1/16". Lufkin #1066D. LIMITED STOCK; CLOSEOUT PRICE; ALL SALES FINAL
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