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Lufkin L2125 Power Tape Measure, 25' Measuring Tape (DISCONTINUED)

Lufkin 2000 Series Power Tape Measure (DISCONTINUED)
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Product No. 2678
Manufacturer Code: L2125
Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $20.00
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Product Description
Lufkin L2125 Power tape measure features a 1" wide x 25' yellow, metal-clad tape and rounded case with convenient top thumb lock. End Quad hook is virtually unbreakable and rubber bumper prolongs tape life. Black and red markings on one side only. Graduated in feet and inches to 1/16. Truss marks every 19.2". Stud marks every 16". Color blocks designate feet and 16" centers. High-strength, lightweight chrome case fits perfectly in the hand and fits in most tape holsters. Removable belt clip, cushioned blade return.