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Plan Measures, Map Measuring Wheels, Inch Counters

Plan measures, map measuring wheels, and inch counters. These Alvin distance measuring tools are great for measuring blueprints, drawings, maps, and any object on a flat surface. With most of these tools, you simply trace the perimeter of the object you're wanting to measure with the wheel, and the tool calculates the traced distance. With some of these tools, you simply set the scale of your drawing and then begin tracing the object you want to measure. Distance measuring tools for measuring distances on roads, curves, contours, and more on maps, patterns, and drawings.

Precise, German-made plan measure determines distances in miles or kilometers on maps and plans according to scales indicated on dial. Assures precision measurement forward or backward and follows curved lines. Plan measuring wheels are ideal for blueprints, map scaling, and drawing.
Alvin 1111 Map Plan Curve Measuring Wheel
Price: $56.99
Sale Price: $13.79
You Save 76%
Alvin 1121 Double Readout Inch Counter Plan Measure
Price: $47.99
Sale Price: $35.41
You Save 26%
Kasper & Ritcher Counter Map Measuring Wheel (WITH HANDLE)
Price: $74.99
Sale Price: $55.33
You Save 26%