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Quilting Cutting Mats and Supplies

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Quilting Cutting Mats and Supplies

Like the rest of the crafting world, quilting and sewing have been revolutionized by the Internet. The digital world has encouraged quilting enthusiasts to create their own websites, blogs, and online tutorials dedicated to discussing sewing tips, tricks, and techniques. The Internet has also made shopping for quilting supplies and sewing accessories much cheaper and easier than shopping for supplies in an upscale sewing boutique.

Most online sewing stores stock cutting mats, drawing supplies, cutting tools, writing utensils, portable storage bins, measuring tools, drafting accessories, and vinyl covering. These tools and accessories are usually offered at near-wholesale prices, giving sewers the ability to buy in bulk without breaking the bank.

Rotary Cutting Mats

Rotary cutting mats allow the quilter to mark and cut fabric in a consistent manner. These mats also protect your sewing table from potential damage because they are constructed from a rigid, knife-resistant plastic material.These mats are manufactured in a number of different sizes to accommodate quilters creating different sized projects. On the large end, there is a cutting mat made by Rhino that measures 6 feet by 12 feet. These mats can also be custom-cut to fit a work table.

Cutting Tools

A proper cutting knife with a sharp blade is a necessary part of any sewer's arsenal. Cutting tools allow crafters and quilters to quickly trim fabric to the proper size. The best rotary cutters come equipped with a sharp blade that cleanly cuts through even the thickest textiles and materials. Another important aspect of any quality rotary cutter is the safety mechanism. Most rotary knives currently on the market feature a spring-loaded blade that retracts when the sewer touches it. This retractable blade minimizes the chance of an injury or accident during the sewing process, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the blade cutting power. Popular sewing knives include blades made by OLFA, and Alvin.