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Rapidesign R-43 Isometric Piping Template

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Rapidesign R-43 Isometric Piping Template

Our best-selling drafting template, Rapidesign's R-43 plumbing template measures only 8.5" X 5", small enough to be carried in a briefcase pocket. This handy gadget is very thin, is semi-transparent, and has a well-configured set of component outlines. Piping architects will love the tilt capability of this template. Every one of the design components can be quickly drawn to include necessary perspective. The unit's triangle shape with sliced upper end make for easy tilting on the drafting board for the perfect distance perspective appearance.

This drafting stencil contains outlines for pipe caps, elbows, flanges, water pumps, and valves. Each of the components is mirrored on the opposite side of the template. Basic geometric shapes: circle, square, and triangle, are also included in the stencil template. The R-43 template component outlines are rounded to allow for the length of the pencil point.

Many of the plumbing and piping stencils available today are too large to take into the field or are manufactured too thick for easy outlining with a fine pencil point. The R-43 drafting template is far more compact, yet contains outlines arranged in such a fashion that architects can easily trace the desired plumbing component.

Other Rapidesign templates for creating architectural renderings of plumbing flow and fitted pipes are designed in the same scale as the R-43 model. This means no need for scaling when all of the components are used in the same drawing. This eliminates the need for window boxes that show enlarged diagrams.

Quality-made in the USA, Rapidesign's R-43 Isometric Piping drafting template is reasonably priced, is manufactured from strong .030" plastic that resists scratching and scuffing, and is cut to exact angles for perfect alignment on the drafting table. One of the more popular items created for piping and plumbing component drawings, this model is offers a simple solution for those requiring fine detail in architectural blueprints.