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Safety Rulers and Cutting Straightedges

Safety rulers and cutting straightedges by Alvin and Rhino. We offer a variety of sizes and types to help with your cutting, measuring, and design jobs. Ideal for studio, home, shop, school, or office. These cutting rulers work great with all of our self-healing cutting mats and large cutting mats. Great for cutting most any material including fabric and paper.

With the exception of the Alvin Stainless Steel straightedges, all of the safety rulers are constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum and have non-skid bases to prevent slipping. They have either aluminum, chrome steel, or stainless steel cutting edges, depending on the product. Make straight and accurate cuts without harming your fingers and hands.

Safety Ruler and Cutting Straight Edge Comparison

What are the differences between all of the cutting rulers and straightedges? The main idea here is to safely and accurately cut material without harming your fingers and hands. Complete details are found on the respective product pages above, but briefly: The Rhino Aluminum and Alvin Safe-T-Cut are similar in function and quality, the Safe-T-cut has a wider base. The Pro Steel and Ultimate Yellow both have stainless steel cutting edges. The Rhino Red Ruler has a hardened chrome steel edge. The width of the rules are also different: Pro Steel is 3" wide, Rhino Red is 3.6" wide, Ultimate Yellow is 3.75" wide. The rulers on all three are also a bit different. The Pro Steel has the most detailed ruler, if that feature is important to you.