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ShinHan Touch Twin BRUSH NIB Markers, Set of 6 Fluorescent Colors

ShinHan Touch Twin Marker Set: BRUSH Nibs (6 FLUORESCENT COLORS)
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Manufacturer Code: 1200623
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Product Description
ShinHan Touch Twin art markers feature an advanced alcohol-based ink formula that ensures rich color saturation and coverage, with silky ink flow. Each ShinHan marker features three distinct nibs (Fine, Chisel and Brush) to achieve a wide range of strokes, from fine lines to wide color fills. Over 200 brilliant colors perfect for animation, illustration, architectural renderings, interior design sketches, and other artwork. The delivery of ink flow can be perfectly controlled to allow precision drawing. The ergonomically designed rectangular body is roll resists rolling on work surfaces and provides a perfect grip that avoids smudges and smears. A specially designed safety cap stacks neatly and prevents damage to the nibs. ShinHan artist markers contain an alcohol-based ink that doesnŐt dissolve printed ink toner, allowing for odorless, vividly colored artwork on printed materials. Set of 6 FLUORESCENT COLORS; BRUSH NIBS.
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