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Telescoping Plastic Poster Storage Tubes Protect Your Rolled Documents

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Telescoping Plastic Poster Storage Tubes Protect Your Rolled Documents

Storing and transporting over-sized documents like charts, blueprints or artwork safely is a continual challenge, especially if space is limited. Avoiding creases, dents, and moisture of the main body of the paper is difficult enough. Preventing damage to edges and corners often seems impossible. Unfortunately, this type of damage can create a negative first impression, distracting the audience from the quality of the document's contents.

Telescoping plastic poster storage tubes are the ideal way to store over-sized papers safely. Whether its technical drawings like blueprints, charts, and maps or artwork like drawings and posters, these tubes can protect it. They are designed to prevent wrinkle, bends, rips, creases and folds in anything that can be rolled.

Since they are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors, there is an expandable plastic storage tube perfect for virtually every need. Some versions of these tubes are extendable, allowing them to be easily sized to fit a multitude of storage needs. Others are waterproof, protecting their contents from a sudden rain shower or an unexpected plumbing leak. Still more plastic document storage tubes come with attached shoulder straps for easier carrying.

Sometimes referred to as travel tubes, storage tubes with adjustable attached shoulder straps are perfect for those occasions when it is necessary to transport a large document. Whether it's a cross-country flight or just a trip across town for an important meeting, travel tubes make transporting and protecting over-sized paper extremely convenient. When the mailing or shipping of large paperwork is necessary, regular plastic storage tubes are an excellent way to protect your work during the process, helping to ensure it arrives at its destination in the same superb condition that it was sent in. Plastic storage tubes are also handy in the office, making it easy to organize and store documents without concerns about damage.

Don't let preventable damage take away from the time, talent and resources that went into creating documents. Telescoping plastic poster storage tubes are an ideal method for storing and transporting over-sized documents safely so that the quality of their contents can shine through.