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Fairgate L911 Proportional Printer's L-Square, Aluminum

Fairgate Proportional Printer's L-Square (12.5x13.5)
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Product No. 2050
Manufacturer Code: L911
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Product Description
Fairgate L911 aluminum L-square with proportional scale for both reductions and enlargements up to 32". Dimensions: 12-1/2" x 13-1/2". Each arm calibrated on two edges, two sides. LONG ARM: Side One calibrated inches in 32nd, 16th, proportion scale. Side Two: Pica typewriter, elite typewriter, inches in 10th and 12th. SHORT ARM: Side One: Inches in 32nd, 16th, 6 point, picas, half-picas, typewriter lines. SideTwo: Agates, 8 point, 10 point. Durable, versatile L-square is ideal for the printer and graphic artist at school, studio, home, or office. DISCONTINUED; LIMITED STOCK; CLEARANCE PRICE; ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS