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Fairgate Aluminum 24" Centering Ruler, Center Finding Straightedge

Fairgate 24" Aluminum Centering Ruler
Fairgate 24" Aluminum Centering Ruler
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Fairgate 24" Aluminum Centering RulerFairgate 24" Aluminum Centering Ruler
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Product Description
Fairgate 24" centering ruler is constructed of rigid, but lightweight hard aluminum. Ideal measuring aides for dividing and gauging layout, printing, spacing, lettering, and more. Also useful in picture matting, form creations, and locating button holes and pleats in pattern-making. Calibrated 2 edges; one side, bottom edge standard ruler straightedge graduated in 32nds and 16ths. 1.75" wide.

To find the center of any two- or three-dimensional object, place the rule on the object so that the same measurement appears to both left and right of the "0" mark. The arrow on the rule now points to the exact center. Fairgate Eluxite aluminum center finding rules are made in the USA.
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